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NEW: getProbe DR LS - Maintenance-free fibre optic reflectance probe
Fiber optic reflectance probe for diffuse reflection measurements in the NIR spectral range with an internal reflection standard
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NEW:getLight-5090 SET - Balanced Deuterium-Halogen-Light-Source
The getLight 5090 SET is a combined Deuterium-Halogen-Light-Source with a filtered Alpha-peak for smooth balanced spectra. UV/VIS/NIR-Spectral range (200 - 2000 nm).
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NEW:getProbe 3302 SET
Integrating sphere with integrated light source and cooling fan for low drift
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NEW: getSpec 2048x14
High resolution UV/Vis spectrometer with 2048x14 pixel detector and USB2.0 interface from our getSpec family.
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getSpec 3648
High resolution spectrometer UV/VIS of our getSpec family equipped with a 3648 array detector, USB 2.0 interface and high data transmission.
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getSpec NIR 0217 basic
128 pixel Peltier cooled NIR spectrometer for measurements at longer integration times.

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getLight 3092 SET
Halogen light source suited for all our VIS/NIR spectrometers.
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getProbe DR
Diffuse reflection probe
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getSpec STD 5101 CIN
White reference tile for reflectance measurements.
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