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New Probes:

getProbe DR LS - Maintenance-free fibre optic reflectance probe
Fiber optic reflectance probe for diffuse reflection measurements in the NIR spectral range with an internal reflection standard
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All-Quartz immersion probe 661.500
NEW: Dip probe for transmission measurements in aggressive media
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getProbe 90-FO
Reflection probe for online measurements at extruders
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getProbe DR
Diffuse reflection probe
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Ultra Miniature Dip Probe
Miniature transmission dip probe with a 6.35 mm outer diameter in a titanium tube.
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Transmission probe for inline measurements at extruders
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getProbe 3301 CIN
The new reflection measurement head with integrated light source for the VIS/NIR range.
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Reflection Probe HT
High temperature probe for extruder applications.
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661.760-Series Dip Probes
Optical dip dip probes for process control.

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