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Featured applications - Introduction of applications of selected products from the product section

In this section we present applications of different spectrometers and systems, which you can find in the product area of This section will be expanded continously. Just take a look from time to time!

If you have an own application report which we could present at this web site please contact the team.

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Mobile UV/VIS/NIR reflection measurements in Inner Mongolia
Application report about examination of the influence of grazing intensity on the spectral reflectivity of grassland.
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Combined VIS/NIR reflection measurements in a glove box
Application report of reflectivity measurements of metallic mirrors exposed in the JET tokamak.
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Color Measurement
Information about the possibilities of using spectrometers for mobile and laboratory based color measurement you'll find here.
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Measurement of tobacco
SentroProc NIR QC can be used for the determination of quality of tobacco for laboratory and mobile use.
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Light measurement with the 2DMPP
Have a look at this site to get information about the possibilities of using the 2DMPP for light measurement in the UV/VIS range.
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RAMAN test report
Here you'll find a test report about our RAMAN system with a HeNe Laser excitation.
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Reflection measurement using integrating spheres
Information about integrating spheres and reflection measurements.
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Color Measurement on transparent plastics
Here you'll find a short application paper about color measurements in the automotive industry.
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Thin layer chromatography using diode array spectrometers
Information about an application with diode array spectrometers.
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OH number and Iodine value of Polyether
For quality control during polyether production, a NIR laboratory system is used to measure OH number and Iodine value.
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Other applications:

Online measurement in an extruder using NIR
Analysis of halogen signals
Irradiance measurement
Triggering the getSpec-NIR-spectrometer
Spectras of the RAMAN 632 system