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CDIPDA - USB Spectrometer with Photodiode Array

NEW: Available in external housing with USB

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The CDIPDA is a PC card Spectrometer for the ISA-Bus or in an external housing with USB interface. The optical block is totally sealed and unremovably fixed to the detector. Thus, the instrument has an unsurpassed wavelength stability. There is no recalibration ever needed. The detector has a high signal-to-noise ratio of 12000:1. Combined with the integrated 16 Bit A/D converter and an internal detector linearisation a high dynamic range can be reached.

The use of fiber optics and probes as well as the selection of the proper wavelength range provide the flexibilty needed for all kinds of measurement such as reflectance, transmission and absorbance.

In addition to the CDISPEC software that is included in delivery, a GRAMS32 package and a MyInstrument driver are available optionally. Using the driver the spectrometer can directly run under GRAMS32 software. This allows you to build your chemometric models for quantitative or qualitative analysis easily.

Should you have questions concerning the technical specification; our application scientists will be pleased to consult you.

Specifications CDIPDA
Wavelength range, dispersion200 - 800 nm; 1.5 nm / pixel
380 - 900 nm; 1.1 nm / pixel
380 - 1100; 1.5 nm / pixel
Spectral resolutionTypical 2 x dispersion
Wavelength driftLess than 0,05nm over 48 hours
Photometric stability+/- 0,25% pk-pk over 24 hours
without re-referencing, @653nm
Sensitivity26,058 16-bit ADC counts/sec/W/cm2 /nm @425 nm
Input Irradiance of 0.2 W/cm2/nm
43,163 16-Bit ADC counts/sec/W/cm2/nm @575nm
Input Irradiance of 1.05W/cm2/nm
14,749 16-Bit ADC counts/sec/W/cm2/nm @775 nm
Input Irradiance of 2.25 W/cm2/nm
Pixel size20 m wide; 25 m on center; 500 m tall
Number of pixels 512
Noise levelTyp.36 AU RMS (ca. 5.5 counts for 1024 point sample,
6 ms accumulation, reference of 65,000 counts)
Signal-to-noise ratioTyp. 12000:1
Optical inputinternal 400m single core fiber (LOH), SMA terminated
OutputsModular connector: trigger, two strobes, light source, shutter control and two fiber optic switch controls
PC interface plug in card for ISA bus or external housing with USB
Power requirements5 V DC, 0.5 A
Size (LHW) / 6.8'' x 4.0'' x 1,6''
Weight550 g / lb

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