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CDI2DMPP - Compact Spectrometer for the UV/VIS/NIR Range with Cooled Backside-Illuminated CCD Detector

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The CDI2DMPP optical spectrometer card is a compact, rugged spectrometer with a fiber optic input. It is connected to a PC, I-PC or notebook via a USB interface. The detector, a back-illuminated 2 dimensional cooled CCD, offers very high signal-to-noise ratio. The cooling and the rugged mechanical setup provide a superior long term stability. The spectrometer is permanently calibrated for wavelength. No recalibration of the wavelength is ever needed.

Typical applications are in the field of process control and quality assurance in the lamp industry, fluorescence applications in several areas, color measurement applications as well as applications in the field of R&D, for example in biomedicine. Raman versions are available for excitation at 633 nm and 785 nm.

In addition to the software SPEC32 included in delivery a DLL or LabView-Driver is available.

Spectral range; dispersion200 - 800 nm; 1.5 nm / pixel
380 - 800 nm; 1.0 nm / pixel
380 -1100 nm; 1.5 nm / pixel
Other on request
Array Selection
(number of elements)
512 x 64; 1024 x 64
Pixel size24 Ám x 24 Ám
Readout noise (pixel binning)approx. 8 electron rms
Slit size25 Ám (option: 50 Ám, 100 Ám, 200 Ám)
Wide dynamic rangeApprox. 50000 : 1
Full well capacityVertical: 300000 electrons; horizontal: 600000 electrons
Input fiberStandard: 400 Ám single core fiber, SMA
Option: 19 x 100 Ám fibers cross section converter
Round to slit or other single core diameter < 400 Ám
Power requirements85 - 265 VAC; 120 - 370 VDC; 47 - 64 Hz;
Max. current 1.4 A
Size (LHW)30 cm x 8.9 cm x 19 cm / 12 in x 3.5 in x 7.5 in
WeightApprox. 8 lb / 3.6 kg
Cooled MPP operationOne stage T.E. cooler, typ. -15░C / 5 ░F at room temperature
Detector specificationBacked thinned CCD greater than 90% quantum efficiency

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