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Information about: "How to Use the 2DMPP spectrograph for Light and Irradiance Measurements

Characteristics of the spectrometer applications for light measurement
  • optical resolution of about 1nm FWHM (1024 pixel, range 380 - 880nm)
  • 16 Bit- A/D converter, high SNR of the whole system
  • Integration time from 8ms to 160sec
  • highest wavelength stability
  • cooled detector offering high long term stability
  • no mechanically moving parts
  • software with all common parameters for light measurement
  • calibration storage in the internal EEPROM

CDI2DMPP - short presentation
The CDI2DMPP described in the product section is a very interesting alternative for applications in light measurement. The heart of this compact system is the TE cooled Si-CCD array with 1024 x 64 elements. The detector has a very high signal-to-noise ratio. The compact spectrometer optics is directrly connected to the detector. This offers very high long term stability. Recalibration of the wavelength axis is not necessary.

The picture below shows the spectrometer with attached fiber optics and the data transmission cable that allows the connection of the system with any PC, industrial PC or notebook.

Spectrometer options
  • Versions with higher optical resolution
  • special wavelength ranges
  • UV versions
  • complete systems with integrating sphere or diffusor

Applications in light measurement
  • high-pressure lamps / discharging lamps
  • fluorescent tubes, line emitters of any kind
  • LED
  • LCD displays
  • monitors
  • daylight measurements

System setup
The spectrometer is coupled to the measured sample with an 400Ám quartz fiber. The pickup optics can be any configuration using an diffusor, an integrating sphere or a simple fiber optics.

Software with functions for light measurement
The standard software is a high flexible software for different fields of application. Software and manual are in english. All typical parameters in the field of light measurement can be estimated and saved to files.

Additional software options
  • Windows DLL
  • LabView driver
  • custommized software for quality assurance and process applications.

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