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getSys launches a compact measuring system applicable for powders, granulates and compounds

Spectroscopic analysis with the getAlyser NIR 0017
Dresden, 2007-11-30

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getSys, located in Dresden / Germany and specializing in optical measurement systems, is proud to present the getAlyser NIR 0017 - its latest development for compact and flexible NIR measurements.
This device is very well suited to contact-free component and property analysis in powders, granulates and compounds. The getAlyser NIR 0017 is extremely light-weight (approx. 4kg) and due to its low height of only 36cm it can be easily operated. Substrate samples in a rotating dish are optically analyzed and their results can be graphically displayed within a few minutes via USB using the software included in delivery.
The getAlyser NIR 0017 is the perfect solution for quality controls (e.g. goods receipt), identifying unknown compounds as well as quality controls during manufacturing processes and for many other analyzing tasks.

getAlyser NIR 0017 - a trendsetting technology
The getAlyser NIR 0017 is a spectroscopic system with integrated, Peltier cooled, InGaAs detector, reflection measurement head for diffuse reflections, durable tungsten halogen source and turntable. This measuring system has been designed for lab applications and can easily be connected to PCs via USB. Evaluation is done via our user friendly software getSuite or SL Predictor/SL Calibration Workshop used for qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Its robust measuring unit can easily be demounted and therefore be placed at different measuring points such as above conveyor belts allowing the use of this unit even during quality controls and permanent production controls. Operating reliability can be guaranteed even in wet environments since the maximum device voltage is 12V.
Due to its small dimensions and its light weight the getAlyser NIR 0017 just requires little lab space and is even recommendable for mobile use.

Advantages for everyday applications
The getAlyser NIR 0017 is a compact and rugged system for cost-effective qualitative and quantitative analysis. Immediate in situ measurements avail direct time saving during manufacturing processes. Furthermore, sample falsifications by possible shipments can be completely avoided. There is no need of extensive sample preparations and the turntable itself improves sample presentation on inhomogeneous samples.
The measuring device can be connected to available computer technology via USB. Measuring result evaluation is done in the shortest time possible via the easy-to-use graphical measuring and calibration software included in delivery which offers impressive analyzing methods as well. Using the getAlyser NIR 0017 allows improved surveillance of manufacturing processes, increases efficacy and effectiveness during processes and improves quality controls.

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