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BlendAlyser NIR 0018 memsmounted on a blender

The BlendAlyser NIR 0018 mems is a high performance system for blend uniformity incorporating a high performance MEMS spectrometer based on tunable laser technology. Key advantages of this system are the high optical resolution, superior long term stability provided by internal wavelength and intensity standards as well as highest sensitivity due to an extremely low RMS noise.

The wavelength coverage of 1350 – 1800nm includes the important range around 1700nm. Providing an optical resolution of up to 1nm BlendAlyser NIR 0018 mems opens new possibilities for end point detection based on simple data treatment avoiding labor-intensive creation of chemometric models. The creation of such models for additional quantitative analysis is possible using PLS calibration.
The single packaged solution system has compact dimensions, lowest weight and is powered with a hot swappable battery. A programmable 3D orientation measurement system triggers the measurement and allows an easy adaptation to different blending systems.
BlendAlyser NIR 0018 mems is fully validated and comes with IQ/OQ documentation. The 21CFR part11 compliant software NovaPac« is installed on the system and includes validation routines.

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