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  • Real-time blend analysis
    -endpoint detection and quantitative analysis

    - quantitative analysis of particular ingridients

    - monitoring product's homogenity
    - time and cost reduction

  • Compact all in one solution
    - no external probes

  • Highest availability and reliability
    - battery easy accessible and hot swappable

    - multiple WLAN antennas
    - WARM module for high long term stability

    - hot swappable battery change due to back-up storage battery
    - internal data back-up

  • Fewest service needs
    - no moving parts

    - no servicable parts
    - expected source life time ~20 years

  • Safe and easy handling
    - mountable on blender window due to commercially available flange fastener

  • Optical performance of the tunable laser technology
    - SNR
    - spectral resolution up to 1nm
    - spectral range up to 1800nm

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