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            getSpec-2048-5 channel version

Our popular getSpec-2048 CCD line spectrometer is now available as multi-channel version.
Up to 8 spectrometers (1x master and 7x slave) can be installed in the spectrometerhousing.
configuration of the single spectrometers, that is the choice of the wavelength range, grating, slit and filter can be entirely done by yourself.
Data analysis as well as spectra display and saving of several channels is performed using the spectrometer software
Naturally it is possible to read out and process the spectrometer data via the driver-DLL using a program of one’s own as well.
The communication between spectrometer and PC is performed using USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 connection.

Advantages of the USB 2.0 platform:
  • maximum modularity for multiple-channel applications
  • choice of several different detectors (for instance Vis and NIR) and wavelength range for the single particular channels
  • nevertheless high synchronisation between the different channels
  • adjusting of separate integration time and averaging per channel
  • over 8 channels (up to 127 channels) can be connected via USB hubs

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