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LiLiX - Process Flow Cell with Reference Channel for the NIR Range

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LiLiX was developed for use under process conditions such as in sampling systems, for instance. In combination with a spectrometer, the flow cell is designed for the wavelength range from 400 nm - 2500 nm. The high transmission of nearly 60% ensures accurate measurement values which extend over a broad spectral range. During measurement the built-in reference channel compensates influences of the fiber optics caused by vibrations. Furthermore, the reference channel limits inaccuracies resulting from the light source drift.

The standard pathlength is preset to 10 mm. Other path lengths are available on request. A protocol specifies a 0.01 mm deviation of the pathl ength reproducibility. The minimum deviation allows high accuracy measurements over a longer period of time. LiLiX has been equipped with connectors for compressed air to avoid a mist on the saphirre window/a steamy saphirre window. Thus, the area between collimation optics and the sapphirre window can be pressurized at any time.

Spectral range400 - 2500 nm
Transmission> 60 %
Temperature rangeStandard: 30°C - 125°C / 86 °F - 260 °F
Pressure rangeUp to 10 bar / 150 psi
(Other pressure ranges on request)
Sealed materialStandard: Viton, other on request
Optical path length1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm / 0.04", 0.082, 0.2", 0.4"
(20 mm / 0.8" on request)
Reference channel1 mm, 2 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm / 0.04", 0.082, 0.2", 0.4"
(20 mm / 0.8" on request)
Reproducibility0/+0,01 mm / with test protocol
Probe flowCirculated
Probe materialStandard material: stainless steel 1.4571
Window materialSapphire
Fiberoptic connectorSMA, other on request
Collimating lensesUseable for fibers up to 900 µm
Plumbing fitting1/8" Swagelok with possibility to add a copper ring
Plumbing fitting for pressure tube1/8" for 4 mm / 0.2" pressure tube
InstallationMounted on a base made of stainless steel

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