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Colour Measurement on transparent plastics with getSpec COLOR

Samplescoloured transparent plastics (e.g. bicycle backlights)
Measurement deviceColour measurement device getSpec COLOR S/N: 322019
Measurement principlereflection measurement, reference against calibrated standard
SoftwaregetSpec COLOR Version 1.3

Measurement operations:

1.Loading the calibration file
2.Calibration against delivered white standard
3.Taking a reference measurement (here we take the white standard as reference object)

Calibration against white standard

4.Taking the sample measurement

Measure of the couloured sample

    • Saving the colour coordinates and reflection values as CSV-file
    • easy transfer and display of the data in Excel

    • Display the colour coordinates of reference and sample
    • Display the colour differences of the sample versus reference (less bright, more red..)

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