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Technical specification

Sensor specifications
Measurement principleOptical Luminescence / Fluorescence Quenching
Optical setupOne channel optic
Measurement range0,02 to 20 mg/l (ppm)
0,2 to 200 % saturation
0,5 to 400 mbar pO2
Resolution0,02 mg/l
0,2 % saturation
0,2 mbar pO2
Detection limit0,02 mg/l
Accuracy 2 % measuring range end (MRE)
Response time (t90)< 60 s
Repeatability 0,5 % measuring range end

Liquid: mg/l, ppm, % sat.

Gas: mbar, vol.%, %, ppm

C, F, K

Temperature sensorIntegrated in sensor tip
Accuracy temperature 0,5 C
Resolution temperature0,02 C
Response time temperature (t90%, 25 to 5 C)

150 s
Design characteristics
Temperature compensationautomatically by integrated temperature sensor
5 - 50 C
< 2 %
Pressure compensationautomatically via input
500 - 1100 hPa
Salinity correction automatically via input
0,01 - 70 SAL
Operating temperature-4 to +50 C
non freezing
Mechanical temperature resistance-25 to +65 C
Operating pressure0-6 bar
Length of cableStandard: 1,5; costumer specific length available
Sensor parts touched by mediaPOM, PET
Protection classwaterproof according to IP67 / NEMA 6
Probe diameter12 mm
Probe length120 mm
Process connectionNS14 glass grinding
InterfacesUSB connection
Operating Voltage+5VDC (USB)

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